National Sandwich Day


There is a great debate happening that isn’t about politics, but rather all about America’s favorite go-to food – sandwiches. Lance®, maker of the first sandwich cracker more than 100 years ago, weighs in on what makes a sandwich a sandwich just in time for National Sandwich Day on Thursday, Nov. 3.

MacKenzie Smith, the sandwich expert for and creator of the popular sandwich blog, is on a mission to show America how Lance defines a sandwich – two awesomes with an incredible in the middle. She recently interviewed dozens of people about their sandwich opinions, asking questions like “What makes a sandwich a sandwich,” “Is a hot dog a sandwich,” and “If you were a sandwich, what would you be?”

Smith created a video showcasing people’s answers, which will be featured on Grilled Cheese Social and Lance’s social media channels on National Sandwich Day.

“Finding out what people feel and think about sandwiches is a great way to mark National Sandwich Day because I get these types of questions all the time,” Smith said. “As a sandwich expert, I know a good sandwich when I see and taste it. Lance® has some of the best sandwiches around with two awesome baked crackers and incredible peanut butter or cheddar cheese in the middle. They are mini, on-the-go sandwiches that are perfect as a midday snack.”

Additionally, Lance is helping sandwich lovers commemorate National Sandwich Day with a FREE box of Lance sandwich crackers, including classics like the 8-count boxes of ToastChee and Toasty plus the newest Quick Starts breakfast sandwiches, with the purchase of a box at participating grocery stores. Fans can download “This is How We Sandwich” coupons on Nov. 3 here, while supplies last.

“Lance® sandwich crackers are proud to be stand-out sandwiches on National Sandwich Day and all year long,” said Rod Troni, chief marketing officer for Snyder’s-Lance. “We hope our fans will join us in the celebration by eating their favorite Lance sandwiches and checking out MacKenzie’s video to see just how we sandwich.”

About National Sandwich Day
National Sandwich Day is observed annually on Nov. 3. The sandwich is believed to be the namesake of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, following the claim that he was the inventor of the sandwich. The day honors one of America’s most popular lunch items.